Alternative Fuels and Energy

Alternative Fuels and Energy

With the ever changing natural gas and electricity markets, clients are looking beyond traditional utilities to power their facilities. Alternative fuels consist of other types of materials that can be used as energy, such as:

  • Bio-mass: wood and tire derived fuel (TDF)
  • Non-fossil methane (landfill gas)
  • Excess plant waste

Woodstone has broad experience with installing new and retrofitting existing systems in the bio-mass and alternative energy arenas. With this background, we can engineer and implement a variety of alternative fuel sources that are readily accessible based upon the geographical locations of your facilities. By using local resources, you save on the sourcing and running of that fuel. Plus, Woodstone Energy can assist with negotiating and acquiring the fuel from area suppliers.

A word about alternative fuels generated by technical sources

Today's manufacturers are starting to explore newer, more scientific means to produce energy. These new technologies tap abundant natural resources, such as solar, wind and geothermal powers, to generate energy.

In working extensively with manufacturers, we have found that these alternative technologies tend to be financially unfeasible. This is mainly due to the tight, two-to-three-year payback window that businesses require with their energy programs. Woodstone Energy remains committed to working with multiple manufacturers and developers on the newest alternative energy technologies and research that is being completed to stay ahead of the learning curve. Depending on your needs, off-balance sheet supply arrangements for these technologies can be made until the paybacks become more feasible for manufacturers.

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