Woodstone Energy (WSE) is NABCEP certified 05112-149 and qualified to handle your renewable energy needs.

WSE staff is uniquely qualified to provide the necessary expertise in developing solar photovoltaic projects due to extensive experience in electrical construction, siting of systems, design, construction, commissioning, interconnection, and maintenance. Through its partners, WSE can provide the necessary financial support in response to PPA solar photovoltaic system opportunities.

Electrical Construction – WSE is qualified to install solar photovoltaic systems with its own technicians and is NABCEP Certified. It has the ability to both construct the AC and DC portions of the system. WSE is licensed in 26 states and prides itself on its ability to perform the work.

Solar PV Design – WSE has the ability to coordinate solar photovoltaic designs to produce a system that will be of least cost and maximize the system output (kwh). It also reviews the proposed system installation relative to jurisdiction requirements and land use, power company interconnection review, and facility support. Also provided are rooftop needs if it is a rooftop installation. WSE will coordinate any geotechnical, structural, and wind load analysis as necessary.

Solar PV Commissioning and Maintenance – WSE can support the project by commissioning to a set of industry standards and providing monitoring services through its Network Operations Center (NOC) located at its Madison office.

Through strategic partnershipps WSE provides auxiliary solutions, project consulting and design services to help clients in the development of solar photovoltaic systems. This includes financing and analysis, incentive programs review, power company interconnection requirements, and applicable incentive programs processing.