Our Services

Our Services

We guarantee our services will significantly reduce your energy consumption through the quickest means possible.

Our primary focus is to bring verified savings to your bottom line by tying our profit to the delivery of your projects. In our preliminary analysis, we work with your plant engineers to establish a baseline of your existing systems and costs then agree upon a way to validate the savings of the project. If we do not meet the savings defined in the scope of the project, we do not make a return on the investment.

Our business approach sets us apart from other ESCOs.

A flexible, open business model. We’ve purposely created a business model that is flexible to meet the diverse needs of our clients. While most of our clients prefer a model where our fees are based upon your savings, we’ll align projects to meet your ultimate goal of optimizing energy consumption and saving money.

Sourcing experienced, local resources. Woodstone Energy partners with contractors and suppliers who live and work near your plant. We manage and direct the project implementation with an onsite project manager, but we hire those suppliers who best know your individual site requirements and safety standards. We work alongside your energy engineers to bid out equipment and installation providers, review the proposals and select suppliers. Hiring seasoned, local workers is less costly, and we happily pass along that savings to you.

The Woodstone Guarantee. Finally, all of our engineering solutions are 100 percent free of risk to our clients. We tie our projects to rate of returns that you’ll see within two or three years.